Orinda Chiropractor Helps Heal Concussions

| Source: Orinda Chiropractic Center

ORINDA, Calif., May 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For individuals who have sustained a concussion as a result of a sports injury, auto accident or on the job, immediate care is essential, according to Orinda chiropractor Dr. Kevin Wong. Of these types of traumatic brain injury, a staggering 1.6 to 3.8 million are sports related concussions. These include football players, boxers, hockey players, rugby players and skiers. Dr. Wong said, "Directly following a concussion is the most ideal time to receive chiropractic care for optimal recovery no matter the severity of your signs and symptoms."

Just following a concussion, signs and symptoms differ in severity from person to person. Most commonly, people report dizziness, memory issues, blurred vision, loss of energy, nausea and vomiting, sleep issues, TMJ, headaches, anxiety, sadness, and other emotional problems. Dr. Wong said, "While conventional Western medicine may identify and observe patients who experience traumatic brain injury for an extended time, many return home shortly after without extended follow up. Many patients also receive anecdotal treatments that are based on minimal data." Dr. Wong went on to explain that because concussions injure the brain and therefore the nervous system, when left untreated or not fully treated they can result in more serious health concerns and even death.

The lasting effects of traumatic brain injury can result in TMJ, Parkinson's-like issues, and attention and memory deficits. Chiropractic care just following a traumatic brain injury can help restore balance, reduce dizziness and headaches, improve TMJ, and reduce signs and symptoms of nausea and vomiting, said Dr. Wong. He added that ongoing chiropractic care can optimize energy, prevent future injuries, enhance focus and memory, and improve overall wellness. Chiropractic care also treats patients without the use of medications and surgery, allowing for long term use without risk of dependency such as may be the result with prescription drugs.

Dr. Wong emphasized, "Patients who sustain traumatic brain injuries will benefit from preventive chiropractic care to optimize the nervous system over time. For athletes, continued, preventive chiropractic care can also assist in extending the longevity of a career in sports. Chiropractic care for traumatic brain injury is a personal, extended approach that focuses on all aspects of health."

Orinda Chiropractic Center serves the greater Berkley, Walnut Creek, and East San Francisco Bay communities. Dr. Wong and the Orinda Chiropractic Center team take a preventive approach to wellness. Dr. Wong, chiropractor Dr. Isabel Eleazar, and massage therapist Michelle Galvin work together to offer personalized wellness for their valued community of patients.

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