Additional information regarding application for de-listing

| Source: Cision AB
As previously announced the Board of Cision AB (publ) (“Cision”) has decided to
apply for a de-listing of the company’s share from NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Since Blue Canyon Holdings AB (“Blue Canyon”) completed its offer to the
shareholders in Cision, Blue Canyon currently holds approximately 74.3 per cent
of the shares and votes in Cision (based on the company’s holding of own
shares). Meltwater Drive Sverige AB (“Meltwater”) who withdrew its previously
announced offer to the shareholders in Cision on May 16, 2014, now holds
approximately 15.4 per cent of the shares and votes in Cision.

Remaining minority shareholders hold in aggregate approximately 10.3 per cent of
the total number of shares and votes. Only a very small portion, slightly more
than one tenth, of these shareholders own 100 or more shares. Of the remaining
shareholders more than half own only 10 or fewer shares, according to
information available from Euroclear as per April 30, 2014. The turn-over in the
company’s share was limited already prior to Blue Canyon’s public offer and
following the completion of the offer liquidity has fallen to negligible levels.

On this basis the Board of Directors of Cision has concluded that the basis for
a well-functioning, appropriate trading in Cision’s share, which can motivate a
continued listing, does not exist.

The Board of Directors of course expects that the stock exchange will set a date
for de-listing which gives Cision’s shareholders adequate opportunities to make
dispositions for their shareholdings in preparation for the de-listing.


Stockholm, May 26, 2014
The Board of Directors of Cision AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:

Charlotte Hansson, CFO, telephone +46 8 507 410 11

Cision AB (publ)
P.O. Box 24194
SE-104 51 Stockholm, Sweden
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Telephone: 46 (0)8 507 410 00

The information provided herein is such that Cision AB (publ) is obligated to
disclose pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act (SFS 2007:528) and/or
the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act (SFS 1991:980). The information
was submitted for publication at 1:00PM CEST on May 26, 2014.

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