UAB Finasta Asset Management (hereinafter – the Fund Manager) announces the upcoming fund merger

| Source: INVL Asset Management UAB


By seeking to act in its clients best interests as well as in best interests of its managed investment funds, has approved the merger of two investment funds, where Finasta Word Equity Fund Subfund will be incorporated into Harmonized investment fund Finasta Baltic Fund. By doing so the Fund manager expects to concentrate its activities in those investment regions, where it sees best potential for financial growth, has greater experience and competency.

The Fund merger will take effect on July 1st, 2014.

After effected Fund merger: the terminating fund is Finasta Word Equity Fund Subfund, The continuing fund is - Finasta Baltic fund.

Participants of Finasta Baltic Fund shall not experience significant consequences or any restrictions on their investors rights in relation to the effected Fund merger. They shall continuously keep their investments by the same terms as before, i.e. investment risk or rates of remuneration fees will not be affected or change in any matter. Yet, during all period since the receipt of this announcement till 23rd of June, 2014 all participants of merging funds have the right to sell their fund units with no fees applied. If participants of the terminating fund (Finasta Word Equity Fund Subfund) will not exercise their above mentioned rights, they will not be able to redeem their units during the period from 23rd of June till 1st of July and from 1st of July they will become the participants of Finasta Baltic fund.


For more information about the Fund merger please refer to the Fund Manager by phone (+370 5) 203 22 33 or email