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| Source: ABLV Bank, AS

Riga, Latvia, 2014-06-11 09:00 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Investment gold in bars and other investment product innovations, widening the market of business financing, new design of payment cards, easier and more convenient Internetbank — these are the main aims of products’ and services’ innovations, some have been already implemented and some are being realized in the nearest months. 

More investment opportunities

As we announced earlier, ABLV Bank has started the Fourth Bond Offer Programme. Today, within this programme the two new bond issues are taking place. Until 30 June 2014, bank’s clients can subscribe to straight coupon bonds in the amount of USD 75 million and EUR 20 million.

When all necessary permissions from the financial sector supervision organizations in Latvia and Luxembourg were obtained, ABLV mutual funds were included in the Luxembourg stock market, which is characterised by intense competition. Thus, thousands of mutual funds are available to investors there. In this regard, our open-end mutual funds have become available to ABLV Bank Luxembourg clients.

Already this summer, we are planning to offer another new service — safekeeping of tangible gold in standard bars, weighting from 350 up to 430 tr.oz (around 12 kg). This service will be available to legal entities that are already using our brokerage services. Safekeeping is being ensured by our business partner, a respectable Swiss bank, Credit Suisse. 

Informing about investment at a new level

Taking into account that the number of messages regarding bond and shares events is being high, and it will continue to grow further, we have created an easy and convenient way of supplying information to our bond- and shareholders, similar to the one used by global investment companies.

We have added The Investor’s Calendar to our home page www.ablv.com, where we are going to publish messages about bank’s bonds and shares, including public offer programmes, results of issues, dates of coupon payment, bond redemptions, meetings of the shareholders, financial results, etc. A special search option will allow clients to look through all corporate events that are related to their bonds and shares.

We have started to submit reports on deals with derivative financial instruments that we supply as service provider. According to European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) these reports are to be submitted both by banks and clients. Ensuring convenient service, we offer bank’s clients to compile and submit reports on their behalf.  

New design of payment cards

From July 2014 we will start to offer debit and credit cards in a new design and immaculate quality. 

ABLV brand style and its elements have become the main concept of a new design for ABLV payment cards. A new ABLV pattern, a graphic picture, has been specially created inspired by the idea of revealing new ABLV edges. A new design stands for clearness, conciseness, diversity and clarity. To highlight card’s status, a graphic pattern differs: the higher the class of the card, the bigger the pattern and the more concise image. It addition, cards are covered with lacquer and nacre.       

Learn more about innovation products at our home page www.ablv.com.  

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