Corr. 89/14 Admission to trading of Besqab AB (publ) on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB (92/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Stockholm AB

On request of Besqab AB (publ), company registration number 556693-8881, NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB has admitted the company’s shares to trading on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, with effect from June 12, 2014. The decision is conditional upon that Besqab AB (publ) can meet the requirements regarding liquidity.


Quotation of share capital is SEK 154,742,690 equivalent to 15,474,269 shares.


Short Name: BESQ
Total number of shares in the company: 15,474,269
ISIN Code: SE0005991411
Order Book ID: 101207
Clearing: Bilateral Settlement through Euroclear Sweden
Segment: Small Cap
Average Daily Turnover: 400 000 EUR
Market segment: OMX STO Equities intraday cross / 202
Tick Size Table: Equities, SEK / 1


ICB Classification:

Industry code: 8630 Real Estate
Supersector code: 8633 Real Estate Holding & Development


When issued trading

Trading will be on a when issued basis from June 12, 2014, until June 17, 2014, i.e. trading will begin before all conditions in the Offering has been satisfied and will cease if the Offering is not completed. For further information see page 17 in the prospectus.


For further information concerning this exchange notice please contact Anna Jansson or Eva Norling, telephone +46 8 405 60 00, or