TVPad Retailer Media Journal Condemns Korean Networks for Allegedly Trying to Further Confuse Consumers

| Source: Media Journal, Inc

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A major retailer of the TVPad devices who last week sued the three major Korean-language networks for waging a "campaign of terror" to frighten the public, today condemned the networks for again seeking to mislead consumers.

"They just don't get it," said Francis Ryu, attorney representing Media Journal Inc. "After taping our hour-long news conference designed to make it clear that their allegations were false, the networks broadcast reports that say just the opposite."

"As we said in our news conference -- and as we said in our suit, consumers who use a TVPad to record free television programming for private use are generally not liable for civil or criminal penalties as the networks have claimed," Ryu said. "The public is protected by the 'fair use' exception of the U.S. Copyright Act."

"But the networks creatively broadcast only one sliver of our news conference to suggest that we said the opposite," Ryu said. "The result has been to compound the network's attempt to mislead the public."

The actual excerpt from the news conference that deals with private versus commercial use is this response by Ryu to a reporter's question:

"Generally speaking, the difference is going to be whether it's public or private viewing..."

"As an example, if a bar owner wanted to show the Super Bowl and charged money for it, that bar owner could be in trouble because it's public. But if that bar owner wanted to record and watch the Super Bowl at his home, his friend's home, or have someone over to watch it, that would be fair use."

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