Outokumpu's superduplex endures in Valmet's flue-gas cleaning equipment

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June 13, 2014 at 10.00 am EET


Outokumpu delivers altogether 40 tonnes of Outokumpu 2507, 2205, 254 SMO® and 316L stainless steel grades for two flue-gas desulphurization units designed by Valmet (formely Metso). In 2015, a new sulphur directive by the European Union comes into force, and according to the directive, sulphur concentration in the ship fuel must be below 0.1% in the Baltic and Northern Sea. In practice, ships need to either install flue-gas desulphurization units to remove sulphur dioxide or use more expensive low-sulphur fuel.

In flue-gas desulphurization, gases are converted into sulphuric acid and removed. Flue-gas desulphurization units use water and NaOH. Sulphuric acid, NaOH and heat make the environment of flue-gas cleaning aggressive, which sets requirements for the materials used in the units. Valmet is one the suppliers of such flue-gas cleaning equipment.

Both flue-gas desulphurization units by Valmet weigh some 20 tonnes and are approximately 12 meters tall. The process of the flue-gas desulphurization includes several very demanding environments, which is why several high-alloyed stainless steel grades are used.

“The environment in the flue-gas desulphurization unit is harsh and it varies depending on where ships are sailing. Sulphur, seawater and heat put together require highly corrosion resistant materials. Due to the presence of such demanding environments, we decided to use duplex stainless steel grades. We get good benefits of Outokumpu’s duplex grades in flue-gas cleaning, where material is under a lot of pressure. Duplex is an excellent material in this use,” says Juha Laukka at Valmet.

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