Three new products will be launched globally.

| Source: Allenex AB
Allenex (through the subsidiary Olerup SSP AB) has entered into an agreement
with the Australian company Conexio Genomics Pty Ltd (”Conexio”) to the effect
that the parties’ co-operation is deepened and extended in time. In May 2011
Allenex announced a five year exclusive and global marketing and sales agreement
with Conexio for SBT Resolver™ for HLA typing using the SBT technology. Software
for sequence analysis was also included in the agreement. Allenex and Conexio
have now decided to prolong the agreement for an additional period of two years,
which means that the co-operation is extended until at least April 2018.
Further, Allenex has been granted the right to market and sell three new
products from Conexio: GammaType™, MPS Resolver™, Next Generation Sequencing
(NGS) HLA products and another new NGS product with proprietary rights. Software
for sequence analysis is also included. Two of these products, GammaType™ and
the new NGS product, are unique and do not have any equivalent competitors. All
products will be added to Allenex product portfolio from 2014 and in the years
to come.

With these additions, the Allenex offering to customers within transplantation
diagnostics will be extended. Allenex retains its exclusive distribution rights
in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia
under the Agreement. Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan have previously been
excluded from the co-operation and Allenex will not have distribution rights in
these markets according to the new agreement either. Allenex will, however,
waive its exclusive rights under the agreement for certain selected Asian market
such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong
and Japan, in order to focus on those other markets where the parties see the
greatest potential. Allenex will, however, retain non-exclusive rights to
distribute in these countries.

Allenex’ CEO Anders Karlsson comments:
”I am very happy that we can agree on this new, large and important step in our
co-operation with Conexio. Sales of SBT Resolver™ are developing well and now,
we ensure access to Conexio’s world leading products until at least April 2018.
With this addition of new products, our strong offering within transplantation
diagnostics becomes even more complete.”

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