IT – Genium INET 4.0.0230 Announcement (69/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities

NASDAQ OMX would like to announce Genium INET 4.0.0230 going live November 22nd, 2014.

The following changes, enhancements and improved functionalities are currently in scope for Genium INET 4.0.0230 but are subjects to change. More detailed information will be distributed in upcoming IT-Notices.

  • Automatic Exercise Parameters
  • Support of 4 Decimals in Tailor Made Stock Futures
  • Improvements to Pre-Trade Risk Management
  • Improved stub functionality for Generic Rates Instruments
  • Support un-adjusted coupons for Generic Rates Instruments
  • Different Effective Date on the legs on Generic Rates Instruments

Please see attached document to see the impact Genium INET 4.0.0230 have on OMnet and FIX. Please review the document to see if the changes have an impact for you. The attached document includes mandatory OMnet changes, if they are currently used.

It is very important that subscribers to messages in section 1.3 New OTC API in attached document, start to subscribe to the new OMnet messages since the old “Cxx” messages in section 1.3 in the document are decommissioned. Please note that the attached document is a draft.

This is the planned project timeline for Genium INET 4.0.0230:

August Release of technical specifications drafts
September External release to include initial NASDAQ OMX Front-ends, Final technical specifications.
October External test system availability
October Go-Live candidates of NASDAQ OMX Front-ends
November 22nd Go-Live of Genium INET 4.0.0230
November 23rd First Clearing day for Commodities members on Genium INET 4.0.0230
November 24th First trading and clearing day for Equity Derivatives and Fixed income. First day of trading for Commodities.


For questions or comments, please contact:
Charlie Holmgren
+46 8 405 6944