Netbooster Holding A/S – removal of shares from trading on First North

| Source: First North Denmark

Netbooster Holding will be delisted from First North as per 14 July 2014. Last trading day will be 11 July 2014.


The reason for deletion is that Netbooster SA on 13 July February 2014 initiated a compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in Netbooster Holding A/S pursuant to section 70 of the Danish Companies Act. The shareholders of Netbooster Holding A/S have therefore been invited for a 4-week period ending on 11 July 2014, to transfer their shares in Netbooster Holding A/S to Netbooster SA.



Company name Netbooster Holding
ISIN DK0060074144
Number of shares (each bearing a face value of DKK 0.10: 497,002,758
ICB: 5500
Short name: NBOOST
Orderbook ID 34569


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