LM Group Holding A/S's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Damien Harte resigns from Board of Directors to be replaced by Nick Smith

| Source: LM Group Holding A/S
Company announcement 5/2014

June 16, 2014, Damien Harte will resign from his position in the Board of
Directors of LM Group Holding A/S. Following a successful re-financing of the
company, Damien Harte will step down by mutual agreement from his role and
support a managed transition of the financial leadership.

He will be replaced by Nick Smith. Nick is British and a Chartered Accountant
who has over 30 years of finance experience. He has previously worked as CFO in
both public and private equity-owned, large, multinational groups, including
global manufacturers like SAFT and Ilford, as well as at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"We would like to thank Damien Harte for his commitment, dedication and
performance over the last three years and most recently his outstanding
achievement with our successful re-financing," said Leo Schot, Chief Executive
Officer. "We welcome Nick to LM Wind Power and recognize that he brings
extensive experience and expertise to support our future plans and further long
term value creation."

For further information please contact Christopher Springham, VP, Global
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