Notification on the completion of the implementation of the takeover bid to buy up the shares of the Issuer

| Source: Lietuvos Dujos

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014-06-18 09:12 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Issuer – AB Lietuvos Dujos (hereinafter – the Issuer) hereby informs that the implementation of the takeover bid to buy up the shares of the Issuer provided by Lietuvos Energija, UAB (legal entity code: 301844044, registered address: Žvejų g. 14, LT-09310 Vilnius, Lithuania) was completed on 16 June 2014, during which the shareholders of the Issuer proposed to sell to Lietuvos Energija, UAB in total 116,357,288 (one hundred sixteen million three hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred eighty eight) shares of the Issuer, which comprises 40.03% of the share capital and votes of the Issuer. 

The settlement for the shares of the Issuer will take place on the third business day after the day of the completion of the takeover bid implementation, i.e. on 19 June. On this day the ownership to the shares proposed for the sale during the takeover bid will transfer to the shareholder of the Issuer Lietuvos Energija, UAB.

The Issuer was not directly informed about the information which is provided in this notification, as well as the Issuer was not directly provided with any data confirming the accuracy of the information provided in this notification.


Authorised person:

Mantas Mikalajūnas

Head of Strategic Development Division

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