Resolutions of the Regular Shareholders' meeting

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Announcement of the resolutions passed at the JSC "LATVIJAS TILTI" Regular Shareholders’ meeting


Herewith the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI” announces that the JSC „LATVIJAS TILTI” Regular Shareholders’ meeting was closed on June 18, 2014 at 13 o’clock. Resolutions passed at the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI” Regular Shareholders’ meeting are enclosed to this announcement (see Annex of the Announcement).      


At the above mentioned Regular Shareholders’ meeting it was decided to reelect the Council of the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI”. The current Council members were recalled from the JSC "LATVIJAS TILTI” Council, and the following new members of the Council were elected:

  1. Artjoms Milovs (p.c. 270381-12770);
  2. Vadims Milovs (p.c. 190878-12757);
  3. Andrejs Subočs (p.c.101179-10251);
  4. Jevgenijs Locovs (p.c.241181-12750);
  5. Davids Lipkins (p.c.181083-10103).


The newly elected member of the Council of the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI” Artjoms Milovs  was born in 1981. Artjoms Milovs obtained a higher education degree. During the past 3 years Artjoms Milovs has held top management positions with various Latvian companies:

  • as from March 9, 2010 - Chairman of the Board of the LLC “LNK (LATVIJAS NOVITĀTES KOMPLEKSS)” (Reg.No.40003000252);
  • as from February 1, 2013 - Chairman of the Board of the JSC “LNK INDUSTRIES” (Reg.No.40003771783);
  • as from December 28, 2012 - Board member of the LLC “DĀRZCIEMA BIROJI” (Reg.No.40103298652).

Artjoms Milovs is not a shareholder of the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI”.




Lawyer at the JSC “LATVIJAS TILTI” Jeva Slavska


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