Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest and Investeringsforeningen CPH Capital - mergers and name changes

| Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S

The mergers and name changes below will take effect on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S as per 25 June 2014.

Thus, the last day of trading shares in the discontinuing sub-funds will be 24 June 2014.


Merger 1

Discontinuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0010248764
Name: Absalon Invest Global Minimum Variance
Short name: ABIGLMV
Orderbook ID: 3756


Continuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0060337095
Name: CPH Capital Globale Aktier – KL
Short name: CCIGAK
Orderbook ID: 84180


Merger 2

Discontinuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0060182467
Name: Absalon Invest PensionPlanner 2
Short name: ABIPP2
Orderbook ID: 66635


Continuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0060182707
Name: Absalon Invest PensionPlanner 5
New name: Absalon Invest Stabil
Short name: ABIPP5
New short name: ABISTA
Orderbook ID: 66642


Merger 3

Discontinuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0060182624
Name: Absalon Invest PensionPlanner 4
Short name: ABIPP4
Orderbook ID: 66640


Continuing sub-fund

ISIN: DK0060182970
Name: Absalon Invest PensionPlanner 7
New name: Absalon Invest Vækst
Short name: ABIPP7
New short name: ABIV
Orderbook ID: 66647



Name changes

ISIN: DK0060182541
Name: Absalon Invest PensionsPlanner 3
New name: Absalon Invest Moderat
Short name: ABIPP3
New short name: ABIMO
Orderbook ID: 66638


ISIN: DK0060182897
Name: Absalon Invest PensionsPlanner 6
New name: Absalon Invest Balance
Short name: ABIPP6
New short name: ABIBAL
Orderbook ID: 66644



For further information please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. (+45) 33 93 33 66