Klas Danielsson appointed new CEO of SBAB

| Source: SBAB
The Board of Directors of SBAB has decided to appoint Klas Danielsson as the new
Klas Danielsson has more than 25 years of experience from the banking and
finance sector, including initiating new ventures, operational management and
board work. In recent years, Klas Danielsson has primarily been engaged in board
work in the financial sector (Ikano Bank, East Capital and SwedSec

Klas Danielsson founded Nordnet and was its CEO over a period of ten years. Klas
Danielsson succeeds Per Anders Fasth who will remain as acting CEO until Klas
Danielsson starts work at his new post on 14 August 2014. The intention is for
Per Anders Fasth to be re-elected as a Board Member following Klas Danielsson’s

“I am very pleased with the recruitment of Klas Danielsson to the position as
the CEO of SBAB. The finance sector finds itself in an intensive period with
increased regulation, fierce competition, demands for cost efficiency and focus
on renewal. Continuously improving matters for customers through cost
efficiency, innovation, new thinking and a challenger spirit have been a recipe
for success for Klas’ leadership. Klas’ long and broad experience, together with
his financial entrepreneurship, makes him well-suited to lead SBAB,” says Bo
Magnusson, Chairman of the Board of SBAB.

“I am really looking forward to start working as CEO of SBAB. With the strong
position SBAB holds in the mortgage market, it has great potential to further
develop and generate additional customer benefit in SBAB’s offering,” says Klas

For further information, please contact:

Bo Magnusson, Chairman of the Board of SBAB, who can be reached via

Karin Hellgren, Press Officer SBAB, telephone: +46 706-68 38 24,
SBAB’s business concept is to provide a new banking experience to consumers in
Sweden by treating every customer as unique and being the bank that is easiest
to access and understand. Today, savings and loans services are offered to
private individuals, tenant-owner associations and companies. During 2014,
everyday banking services will also be launched, including salary accounts and
bank cards. SBAB was founded in 1985 and is owned by the Swedish state. SBAB has
about 350,000 customers and some 480 employees.
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