Straumur Investment Bank hf. becomes Certified Adviser on First North Iceland

| Source: First North Iceland

NASDAQ OMX Iceland hf. has approved Straumur Investment Bank hf. as a Certified Adviser (CA) on First North Iceland. The CA´s role is to assist and advise a company during the admission process and serve as an adviser and an intermediary with the First North market while the company remains on the market. The CA set-up is designed to build trust in the market as the CAs are responsible for monitoring that the companies they advise at all times fulfill the First North admission and disclosure requirements.

To become a CA on First North, companies must meet certain conditions. Those are mainly:

- Be a legal entity

- Have an adequate number of employees

- Ensure that employees of the CA are fit and proper and have proven and proper experience of corporate finance business

- Have internal rules regarding trading in shares in companies for which the firm acts as a CA

- Have internal procedures regarding documentation and storage of information

First North Iceland welcomes Straumur Investment Bank hf. as a Certified Adviser on the market.