Nicoccino Holding AB will be listed on Nasdaq First North on June 27th, 2014.

| Source: Nicoccino AB
Nicoccino Holding AB (”Nicoccino Holding” or  ”Company”) has been approved for
listing on NASDAQ OMX First North. The Company has established a Company
Description that has been approved by NASDAQ OMX First North and will be
available at the Company’s website, from June 24th 2014.
The Company’s share will be traded at First North as from June 27th, 2014. The
share’s ticket symbol is ”NICO”. The ISIN-code is SE0005506185.

The Company’s proprietary product Nicoccino™ is an innovative and discrete
nicotine product that quickly delivers nicotine to the user without the
detrimental side effects of traditional tobacco products. The primary purpose of
the product is to offer smokers an attractive alternative when they don’t want
or can’t smoke.
Nicoccino™ is the result of ten years of research and development. The product
is wafer thin about the size of half a stamp. In addition to pure medicinal
nicotine, Nicoccino™ mainly consists of an alginate extracted from brown
seaweed. It is flavored with natural oils and all other ingredients are
pharmaceutical graded. Nicoccino™ contains no tobacco, no tar and has no smell.

Nicoccino™ will initially be launched on the UK market and sold online on, managed by our fully owned subsidiary Nicoccino Ltd.

Nicoccino Holding has appointed Remium Nordic AB to Certified Adviser.

For more information please contact,

Michael Bracké, CEO

Tel +46 707 45 95 75


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