Miami, Fla, June 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inspired by Scandinavian modern design, YuhuHugs ( unveiled its first indoor playhouse created to inspire creativity in children and offer parents an elegant piece of luxury furniture they will want to showoff to guests.

The DreamHut is designed as a sleek armoire ideal for any living room, family room or bedroom. But tucked inside is a colorful world created just for kids. The armoire expands outward, revealing a playroom with a chalkboard, magnetic walls, folding table, windows, curtains and interchangeable backdrop with four different views: underwater adventure, fantasy, countryside and outer space.

The DreamHut converts easily into a child's desk. And when playtime is over, it serves as storage for toys, allowing parents to squirrel away their children's games and playthings leaving a neat and tidy room. 

When closed, the armoire is more than 4 ½ feet high and two feet wide. But when opened, the DreamHut expands to nearly 6 feet in depth, giving kids enough space to play.

"The DreamHut makes the whole family happy. Parents have a piece of furniture they can show off, and children get a unique contained playroom where they are free to be without disturbing the peace in the household," says Maria Amparo Yuste, spokeswoman for YuhuHugs, based in Miami.

Interior designers see the DreamHut as a viable solution for clients with children because it's a luxury piece of furniture they can use in a living room or family room, as well as basement, playroom or bedroom. Parents can hide their children's toys when guests are around, making it the ideal toy storage.

When children need entertainment, the doors open to reveal a compact playroom with endless play possibilities. And when they have homework, the DreamHut can be quickly and easily converted into a desk.

"There are very few luxury furniture options that allow parents so much flexibility," Yuste said. "Interior designers we work with love its multiple uses - playhouse, playroom, toy storage, armoire, luxury toy, and playroom. It's ideal"

An international creative team of architects, designers and educators built the DreamHut using Scandinavian birch wood because it's environmentally sustainable, strong and durable. The armoire has also received certifications from the PEFC and FSC, which ensures that the wood used comes from sustainable forests. The armoire also complies with all U.S. and international security and safety measures to guarantee a child's safety.

The DreamHut retails for $2,999 online at The stylish armoire and playhouse will soon be available at boutique furniture stores around the country. For questions about the product, contact Maria Amparo Yuste, at and 786-286-1786. 

About YuhuHugs
Created by a team of international architects, designers and educators, the DreamHut was developed to create a space for children to play, learn and dream. The DreamHut is a stylish piece of furniture, toy storage and classroom. The DreamHut is manufactured in Europeusing environmentally friendly Scandinavian wood and complies with all U.S. and international safety measures to guarantee children's security.For more information contact Maria Amparo Yuste at 786-286-1786 or visit

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