Proposals for the 2014 Dannemora Mineral Annual General Meeting

| Source: Dannemora Mineral AB
Shareholders representing 14 per cent of the votes of Dannemora Mineral submit
the following proposals to the AGM 27 June 2014.

Election of the Board

Four directors without deputies are proposed for the board.

It is proposed that the following members be re-elected: Lennart Falk and
Christer Lindberg. It is proposed that Ola Hägglund and Niclas Handfast be
elected as new members to the Board. Åke Roos has declined re-election.

It is proposed that Lennart Falk be elected as the Chairman and Christer
Lindberg as deputy Chairman.

Ola Hägglund is 67 year´s old and a Mining Engineer from the Royal Institute of
Technology in Stockholm. Hägglund has held several various executive posts
within SSAB Group and was a member of Group executive committee from 2006 to
2008. Ola has wide-ranging industrial experience, especially within production
of hardened steel and metallurgy.

Niclas Handfast is 49 year´s old and has an MBA from Stockholm School of
Economics. He has experience as CEO and CFO from listed and not listed
companies, among other Proffice, Song Networks and Traction. Niclas has over the
past years worked with companies of change and capitalization needs.

Election of auditor

It is proposed that Accountants Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers be re-elected as
auditors until the end of next year’s AGM.

Fees for the Board and the auditors

The following fees are proposed: SEK 300,000 for the Chairman, SEK 250 000 for
the deputy Chairman and SEK 150,000 to each of the other Board members. It is
also proposed that the Board is granted SEK 650,000 as a fee for committee work
and special assignments, making a total of SEK 1,500,000.

It is proposed that the fees to the auditors be paid in accordance with an
approved invoice.

Chair of the Annual General Meeting

It is proposed that Ola Åhman, Roschier Law Firm be the Chairman of the AGM.

Nomination process prior to the 2015 Annual General Meeting

It is proposed that the same procedure be used as for this year’s AGM. The
company shall have a nomination committee comprising one representative from
each of the four largest shareholders (in votes) and the Chair (convener). If
the Chair is one of the four principal shareholders, the nomination committee
shall consist of a representative from each of the five largest shareholders,
including the Chair. When constituting the nomination committee, the largest
shareholders shall be determined on the basis of data from Euroclear Sweden AB
and Verdepapirsentralen ASA on the last banking business day of September 2014.
The members of the committee shall be announced as soon as the committee has
been appointed. The nomination committee shall appoint a Chair from among its
members. The nomination committee’s term of office extends until the next
committee is appointed.

The nomination committee shall prepare and present recommendations on the
following: Chair of the AGM, number of Board members, fees paid to individual
Board members, composition of the Board and its Chair, election of auditors (if
applicable), auditors’ fees, proposed rules for the appointment of a nomination
committee prior to the AGM 2016, and the committee’s duties.

If a member leaves the committee before its work is completed, another
representative may be appointed by the same shareholder if the committee so
deems necessary. If a shareholder represented on the committee significantly
reduces its shareholding in the company, the member may resign and, if the
nomination committee considers it appropriate, the shareholder next in line in
terms of size shall appoint a representative. If there are any other substantial
changes in the ownership structure before the nomination committee has completed
its tasks, it shall, if the committee so decides, be possible to change the
composition of the committee in any way the committee finds appropriate.
For further information, please contact:
Ralf Nordén, President and  CEO
Telephone 46 709374891


Niklas Kihl, CFO
Telephone 46295 - 24 44 20, 46730 797 363
Dannemora Mineral AB is a mining and exploration company of which the primary
activity is mining operations in the Dannemora iron ore mine. The Company
intends to engage in exploration activities to increase the iron ore base
locally and regionally.The Company’s most important asset is the iron deposit in
the Dannemora Mine, and activity is focused mainly on the mining of this deposit
at present.

The Company is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North, Stockholm, and Oslo Axess. The
Company's Certified Advisor on First North is Remium Nordic AB.

The Company's independent qualified person is mining engineer Thomas Lindholm,
Geovista AB, Luleå. Thomas Lindholm is qualified as a Competent Person, as
defined in the JORC Code, based on education and experience in exploration,
mining and estimation of mineral resources of iron, base and precious metals.