Nootropics: Reviews Reveal Undeniable Results on Neuro Laboratories' Brain Enhancement Pill

Brain Pill Reviews' Editor Martin Brison exposes test results, and how NITROvit and similar nootropics could hold the future to brain enhancement through improving memory, focus, concentration, and motivation.

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NEW YORK, N.Y., June 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - There's very few people who haven't seen, or at least heard of Bradley Cooper's 2011 box office hit, Limitless – a movie featuring a little clear pill that allowed the use of 100% of the brain. This year, an upcoming movie Lucy hopes to up the stakes even further with a drug that allows the brain telekinetic powers and the ability to slow down time. What most people don't know is, that while we might still be a long way off from the Limitless pill, there are supplements available out there claiming to enhance the way your brain functions.

This is what Martin Brison and his team of enthusiasts do on a regular basis at Brain Pill Reviews, a non-profit organization set out with one purpose: finding the best available brain enhancing supplements, better known as nootropics, to optimize the overall performance we get from our brains, and according to Editor Brison, they just might have found it.

The Brain Pill Reviews team have reviewed and tested countless different nootropics from many different pharmaceutical companies, and while doing so have noticed a growing trend – the increasing effectiveness of supplements that positively affect the many key cognitive processes within the brain. Brison said "Brain pills are at the epitome of their advancement, and it seems as if pharmaceutical supplement companies have become the first to crack the code."

Brain enhancement isn't new, though. The use of nootropics began as early as 1964, when piracetam was first discovered to improve memory. However, since its first use, modern neuroscience and technology has allowed more possibilities than we could even dream of. Ginkgo Biloba itself, a plant extract used to enhance memory, has been one of America's top selling supplements for a long time. For half a decade, our newfound understanding of the brain has ushered forth the development of modern brain enhancers and nootropics that far surpass what was available many years ago.

One such modern nootropic that Brison mentioned was the critically acclaimed NITROvit from Neuro Laboratories. NITROvit, dubbed as the Advanced Cognitive Nootropic, has received a particularly positive reception on Brain Pill Reviews, as well as on many other review sites out there, nootropic forums, and, most importantly, through user feedback and testimonials. According to Editor Brison, it may very well be the closest we can get to the Limitless Pill at the moment, and will possibly hold on to that title for years to come.

NITROvit – the pride and joy behind Neuro Laboratories' success – was purportedly created as the solution to a demand for increased mental performance. Neuro Laboratories' push forward for innovation in neurological research and modern medicine has been remarkable in the past few years, which has allowed them to produce a nootropic supplement that can optimize focus, clarity, and learning capabilities – while also limiting the effects of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD). Neuro Laboratories' website characterizes ADD/ADHD as difficulty paying attention, maintaining focus on tasks, and controlling impulsive behaviors.

In a marketplace that is incredibly saturated, it seems as if an up-and-coming product will have difficulties competing, but Editor Martin Brison sheds light on why they've given it their Editor's Choice as one of the very best nootropics. "In an industry where there are new brain pills popping out of nowhere almost every other day, our jobs as reviewers require us to remain objective and focused on the results. When compared to the many other brain enhancers that we've reviewed, we've observed that what makes NITROvit so effective rests within its formula – each ingredient has been specifically selected to complement each other's effects, and at the right doses. Also, since there is no filler present (multivitamins, caffeine, and other proprietary ingredients), there is nothing that may take away from its overall brain enhancement potential – the result is a very potent nootropic. Consider it proper nutrition for the brain, optimizing it for increased memory, focus, concentration, and motivation."

When asked to comment on the use of brain enhancement in a professional setting, Brison explained, "While there are still some people wary of the use of these "smart drugs", we have to admit that with the current state of the global workforce market, there is a growing demand for individuals who can perform at their very best. We're seeing this every day with the growing competitiveness in work and academic environments. Everyone just wants to be that much better. And while at the moment, brain enhancement might simply be a novelty, a decade from now, it might just become necessity."

Check out NITROvit and Neuro Laboratories' upcoming products, and their solution to Brain Enhancement.

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