Sparbanken Öresund's financial impact on Swedbank

| Source: Swedbank AB
The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority approved Swedbank's acquisition of
Sparbanken Öresund on 16 May. On receipt of all the authorisations, the
acquisition was completed on 20 May and integration work was begun. The acquired
portions of Sparbanken Öresund are being consolidated as of 21 May.

Preliminary financial impact on Swedbank's income statement during the period 21
May to 30 June1 (SEKm).

Total income
of which net interest income                                             53
of which net commission income                                    18
of which other income                                                      473
of which badwill  2
Total expenses
of which restructuring costs 2                                         591
Tax expense 2
Profit after
tax                                                                      -5

1 Excluding the impact of Sparbanken Skåne, where Swedbank owns 22 per cent.
2 Non-recurring items in connection with the acquisition, including positive tax
effect of SEK 130m.

Integration costs, in the form of restructuring costs, are somewhat higher than
what had previously been estimated. At the same time, larger surplus values have
been identified in the acquired operations which entailed a somewhat larger
badwill item.

The acquisition's impact on Swedbank's volumes and risk exposure amount as of 30
June (SEKbn).

Loans to the public
Deposits from the public                                                    12
Risk exposure amount                                                       15

Sparbanken Öresund's H1 2014 estimated results3), if the acquisition had not
taken place (SEKm).

Total income
of which net interest income                                          338
of which net commission income                                 142
of which other income                                                        63
Total expenses
Profit after tax

3 The actual results for the first 5 months of the year and forecast for June.
The 8 branches sold on to Sparbanken Skåne are included and account for around
SEK 200m of income, around SEK 45m of expenses and around SEK 121m of profit
after tax.
For further information, please contact:
Gregori Karamouzis, Head of Investor Relations, Swedbank tel: +46 727-40 63 38
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