Announcement of BoConcept Executives' trading with securities

| Source: BoConcept Holding


In accordance with section 28 a of the Danish Securities Trading Act, BoConcept Holding A/S is required to publish information regarding trading in BoConcept Holding A/S shares and securities by Executives and persons closely associated with an Executive.

The statement is based on a report which BoConcept Holding A/S has received from one of the Executives on 1 July 2014.


Name Preben Bager
Reason: Preben Bager is a board member of the supervisory board
of BoConcept Holding A/S
Issuer: BoConcept Holding A/S
ISIN DK0060050201
Designation: Shares
Nature of transaction: Purchase
Trading date: 1 July 2014
Market: NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
Number: 1,950 shares
Market price DKK: DKK 183,754