With Emphasis on Shared Vision and Communication, Midas Company Limited Re-Creates T.Y.A(HK)Limited Office.

Boasting 37 years of office design, project management and consulting in Japan for some 5000 cutting edge firms active in the Asian market, Midas Company Limited announces its newest project completion out of its Kowloon-based Hong Kong office.

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TOKYO, Japan, July 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - A View Towards Growth in APAC

T.Y.A(HK)Limited is a forward thinking, comprehensive advertising agency based in Tokyo but with a growing presence in the wider APAC region including Singapore and Hong Kong. The company website presents a clean, welcoming design and a clear mission to give clients "An extra edge in their marketing and PR activities" and the firm's extensive portfolio, including campaigns and web design for world class clients like Clarins, Nokia, Aeon, NTT and Canon, displays a truly long term commitment to clients' needs as well as the ability to meld design and message for a general or specialized audience.

T.Y.A. (HK) Ltd., brings their three pronged focus; project completion in a timely and professional manner, effective strategic planning with cutting edge and creative execution and a long term strategic partnership view, to firms looking to present and brand their firm and products to prospective clientele in the greater APAC region.

Nobuhiko Ueki, Managing Director for T.Y.A. Hong Kong was keenly aware that focus on long term and close communication with clients needed to start at home under a strong vibe of interaction and collaboration among his Hong Kong team.

"The first office space we rented in Hong Kong was previously used by a trading company. We occupied the space lock, stock and barrel and did not change anything about it. The interior was old and the layout was not good, so it felt like we simply used the desk and chairs for work and did not think about or expect any more out of our environment. After a while, as the contract renewal drew near and the rent was raised, we felt compelled to start looking for another location. The second location we rented was reasonably priced and we were able to add our sense of design by opening up the huge ceiling, leaving exposed concrete for the floor, etc." remembers Ueki.

Challenges in Streamlining Moves to Other Locations

This sense of design aesthetic proved difficult to repeat when Ueki and his team moved to a different place four years later.

"The second lease came up for renewal and we had less staff at the time so with the office space feeling too large overall, we decided to make a choice for efficiency and move into this current location. We decided on this locale right away because of its amazing view and the great feeling of comfort we sense in this space. Also, at that time just six years ago, we attempted to replicate the previous office by removing the ceiling and leaving the floor as exposed concrete. However, the contractor on this project did not come through for us and we ended up with a very disappointing result. Somehow we were able to put together the office by finding reasonably priced chairs and desks at a mass market furniture store, and over the six years since then, we've worked with what we had," he explains.

Raising Motivation and Maintaining Energy with Office Design

Although business was good and operations were smooth, Ueki felt something lacking in the workplace environment.

"The entire staff and I always felt just past a critical point and now that I think about it, I feel the space had a build up of a significant amount of discontent during those years. It was at this time that I met Midas and was able to engage in discussions about office design. As we explored different ideas, I realized that if we did not change this environment, it would end up affecting our work quality for the worse. That spurred me to agree with the Midas proposal to re-design our space based on their ideas and approach," he notes.

Many offices in the region maintain an orthodox cubicle work-station style which, in the age of light-speed communication and high demand for immediate and flexible change, can hamper spontaneous communication and idea development between team members from different divisions as they serve a single client.

"We are an advertising agency so in a sense, we share a similar and creative pursuit with Midas. Since the renovation, I have witnessed a change in my team. Compared to before, the faces of our staff seem different long-termers appearing much refreshed. Comparatively, newer team members feel they've entered a different company and overall, our office now gives a bright sense of energy and inspiration to us all. I have been managing a company in Hong Kong for many years now but I feel we have reached a turning point in our company at this time," Ueki notes.

Setting Sights on Future Growth

Looking forward to new prospects, Ueki concludes, "We are now looking towards new business opportunities and are currently thinking together about the slogan and role of this "New" company. We will continue to strive to be a firm that expertly responds to the needs of a changing business environment and, in one sense, this renovation was not only achieved in the workplace per se, but it was an important investment at a very opportune moment to re-consider our work and business goals. I definitely believe that the employees will not change unless the company changes."

Space in Hong Kong is limited and pricey, but with expert design and an intense focus on how the office should affect and motivate team creativity and collaboration, even the most unassuming cubbyhole of space in a huge metropolis can morph into an energetic hub of innovation that buzzes with vision and promise.

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