Pensions Industry Leader announced as new CEO of Aging Analytics at Inaugural 21st Century Medicine Forum

Pensions Industry Expert and Former IEBA Chairman Geoffrey Furlonger joins Aging Analytics as CEO

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LONDON, UK, July 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Aging Analytics and the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF), a UK-based charity founded to support aging research, hosted the inaugural 21st Century Medicine Forum on Monday, June 30th. The first forum meeting was at The Longevity Bioscience Innovation Centre and focused on commercialising longevity research. The event was sponsored by Hong Kong venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures and brought together scientists, local entrepreneurs and lawyers, as well a mix of interested students and members of the general public to discuss the past, present and future of efforts to commercialise longevity research. The evening was marked by the announcement that former Chairman of the International Employee Benefits Association and pensions industry expert Geoffrey Furlonger is to join Aging Analytics as its new CEO.

Deep Knowledge Ventures Senior Partner Dmitry Kamenskiy made the announcement during his talk on Impact Investment in Regenerative Medicine and highlighted Aging Analytics success in deploying its unique investor decision support software, VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) and the publication of its first report, 'Investing in Regenerative Medicine: Technology and Market Outlook'. Participants of the forum were handed out free copies of the report at the event. Introducing Geoffrey, Dmitry noted that under his leadership we could expect to see Aging Analytics draw attention to the opportunities for investment in the regenerative medicine industry that the pensions and life insurance industries have, as well as the significant use for the research the company could now generate.

Explaining the extent of 'longevity risk' that pension funds face as citizens lifespans increase, Geoffrey gave an example of how badly some institutions had historically misjudged risks by recalling the failure of Equitable Life. Whereas their failure had been due to inaccurate assumptions about future inflation and investment returns, Geoffrey made the point that perhaps the entire industry might be underestimating the effect of regenerative medicine on life expectancy. In concluding his introductory speech, Geoffrey announced that the firm's first investment report, a primer to the regenerative medicine industry, would be made freely available online via Aging Analytics website and its publication partners, London Regenerative Medicine Network.

Marking the significance of the work being done to commercialise longevity research, international model and actress Katya Elizarova spoke to the Forum of how important it is that the public better understand the importance of the work being done. A leader in the arts herself, Katya brought guests from the world of acting and modeling to understand how international collaboration and investment in medical advances could have a positive impact on society. With cultural icons support, she stated, awareness and funds could be generated to push the industry forward under such leaders as Dmitry Kamenskiy, Alex Zhavoronkov, Geoffrey Furlonger and the other industry speakers present.

Geoffrey Furlonger is a well-known international pension fund expert and established his reputation at the Mercer HR consulting firm for whom he worked as Head of their EU practice in Brussels between 1990 and 2000. During this time he completed several projects for the European Commission in Brussels including studies on pension related barriers to mobility in the EU as well as acting as head of a Consortium providing high-level technical assistance in pension related matters to Central and Eastern European countries in preparation for their accession to the European Union under the EU CONSENSUS programme.

Since 2000 Geoffrey has performed various roles including acting as Chairman of the International Employee Benefit Association and acting as Head of pension services for an insurance company based in Luxembourg offering Pan-European pension services to multinational companies. He has recently prepared a working paper for the OECD on Defined Target Benefit Systems. He is currently Chief Counsel and Corporate Secretary of the International Employee Benefit Association and has recently taken up a new role as CEO to Aging Analytics.

Geoffrey has been a frequent speaker and Chairman at conferences organised by (inter alia) the Financial Times, the International Employee Benefits Association, the European Commission and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in the UK. Geoffrey was educated at Boalt-Hall School of Law Berkeley California USA, New College, Oxford University, The Johns Hopkins University;Baltimore USA and The Skinners School, Tunbridge Wells, England.

Notes to Editors

The speakers at the inaugural 21st Century Medicine forum included:

Dmitry Kamenskiy, Senior Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures, Hong Kong on 'Impact Investment to Advance Longevity Research'

Kate Elizarova, Actress, Model & Campaigner on 'Raising Cultural Awareness for Medical Advances & Longevity Research'

Eli Mohamad, Co-Founder, Organ Preservation Alliance, NASA Ames Research Center on 'An X-Prize for Organ Preservation'

Geoffrey Furlonger, CEO, Aging Analytics, United Kingdom on 'Longevity As a Challenge for Pension Funds & Life Insurance Companies'

Charles Groome, Consultant, Aging Analytics, United Kingdom on 'Novel Sources of Investment for Translational Research'

Henry Stanley, VP Strategy, BGRF on 'Charitable Contributions to Translational Longevity Research'

Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, InSilico Medicine on 'The Importance and Future of Longevity Research'

Videos of the above talks will be made available shortly on the Aging Analytics and BGRF websites. The next Forum event is anticipated to take place in Oxford, UK in October 2014.

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