Aptean's Pivotal CRM -- a Point of Difference for PIC Insurance Brokers

| Source: Aptean Inc.

SYDNEY, Australia, July 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pivotal CRM is changing the game for insurance brokers. With powerful, out of the box integrated Client Relationship and Insurance Administration functionality integrated into a single solution, Pivotal CRM offers brokers a customer centric view across both front and back office functions. It eliminates the traditional process silos of sales, lead, quoting, policy generation, and administration to deliver a true 360 degree view of customers and households. The Insurance Brokers CRM interface is intuitive, easy to use and helps in predicting future revenues and managing opportunities as they flow through the business development pipeline. With a deeper understanding of clients and opportunities, business development professionals can focus their cross-selling efforts and analyze trends to uncover opportunities to grow their book of business.

With the ability to generate demand and manage communication with customers through eMarketing, social media and personalized email campaigns, Pivotal CRM is a must have for Insurance professionals. "Our business is built on business relationships and Pivotal CRM for Insurance Brokers makes this a reality. It provides us with a point of difference in respect to client service, growth and business efficiency that few can match," said Tony Mitchell, general manager, PIC insurance Brokers.

Pivotal CRM enables an end to end claims management process with opportunity to track key milestones and dates throughout the claims process. "Pivotal CRM for Insurance Brokers allows us to configure all insurance products within the system including the ability to define related underwriter information, commissions and fees, product categories with upsell, cross sell products, product risks and risk types, Premium ratings, taxes and levies, Agents all at the same time," said Sven Martin of Fusion5, Aptean's channel partner for ANZ region.

The trend in the CRM market is to focus on delivering faster value to organizations through the design and development of specialized, vertical solutions. "The time to value impact of Pivotal CRM for Insurance Brokers is a clear proof that horizontal CRM solutions are no longer sufficient to meet the unique needs of the insurance vertical. By delivering a solution built from the ground up for brokers, we achieve faster adoption and faster ROI," said Matt Keenan, Aptean Vice President of customer relationship management.

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