Klövern AB (publ): Interim Report January - June 2014

| Source: Klövern AB
Income increased by 13 per cent to SEK 1,222 million (1,081).

The operating surplus increased by 19 per cent to SEK 794 million (670).

Profit from property management increased by 21 per cent to SEK 369 million

Changes in value of properties amounted to SEK 728 million (-114), of
derivatives to SEK -319 million (317) and share of profits in associated
companies amounted to SEK -56 million (7).

Net profit amounted to SEK 671 million (440), corresponding to SEK 3.44 (2.09)
per common share.

Taking possession of 9 properties for SEK 4,080 million and sale of 7 properties
for SEK 330 million.

Globen City was taken possession of at the start of the second quarter.

During the second quarter the business centre activities were launched under a
separate brand name: First Office. Klövern now intends to also conceptualise its
self storage operations under a separate brand name: Big Pink.

Statement by the CEO

Continued great interest in investing in the real estate market
"The pace of activity continued to be high during the second quarter when the
property portfolio expanded by around SEK 4 billion all at once through the
acquisition of Globen City in early April. We also made a couple of smaller
transactions during the quarter, including
the acquisition of some properties in Kalmar and Gothenburg. Furthermore,
Klövern signed its next biggest lease contract with the mobile phone operator
Tele2 in Kista.

Income during the quarter rose by 18 per cent, driven by acquisitions as well as
an increased occupancy rate. Continued focus on costs contributed to costs only
increasing at a moderate pace. As Globen City was taken possession of during the
quarter, this has not yet had its full impact on earnings, although the
operating surplus of SEK 426 million for the period is the highest that Klövern
has ever had for a quarter by a good margin. The operating margin, the operating
surplus as a proportion of income, increased to 67 per cent (65).

Interest in investing in the real estate market is increasing more and more.
With a repo rate of 0.25 per cent and a 5-year rate at historic lows, it can be
difficult to find the yield that many investors require in other kinds of asset.
We notice this increased interest in a number of ways, including several
institutional investors participating in making offers. These investors can
often accept a lower required yield on properties and thus a higher price. This
leads to a general reduction in the required yields in the property market. We
can also see this in the existing portfolio where required yields for certain
properties are falling slightly leading to positive changes in value.

Klövern's strategy is to operate in selected growth locations. At the places we
choose, we shall be among the leading and dominating real estate owners at the
location. We will accordingly continue to reinforce the portfolio by
acquisitions, investments in the existing portfolio, or new production. We can
make our administration more efficient by selling properties in peripheral
locations and instead investing in acquiring properties that are close to our
existing portfolio.

During the quarter, we acquired four properties in Kalmar for SEK 100 million.
The properties are fully let and the total lettable area of around 13,500 sq.m.
consists of office, retail and warehouse space. Klövern has a strong position on
the Kalmar market and it is gratifying to be able to add on some properties that
can be managed within the existing organization. We also continued to work on
concentrating the portfolio by selling our remaining properties in Kristianstad
and Landskrona.

During the quarter we launched our business centre activities under a separate
brand name:
First Office. By clarifying the breadth of our geographic presence - we have 54
business centres in 16 cities - and adding new services, we expect to attract
tenants to an even greater extent. We now also intend to conceptualise our self
storage operations under a new brand name: Big Pink. We currently have a handful
of self storage units and intend to open more.

The banks' willingness to lend remains strong. During the quarter, we have
extended a number of larger loans and have been offered continued good margins.
We also took the opportunity of making use of a strong market interest to invest
in preference shares during the quarter. We issued over 1.5 million preference
shares in two different issues.

In terms of earnings, the second quarter was Klövern's strongest ever, which
feels very satisfactory. I would like to take the opportunity of wishing all
tenants, employees and investors a pleasant summer", says Klöverns CEO Rutger

For further information, please contact:
Rutger Arnhult, CEO, +46 70-458 24 70, rutger.arnhult@klovern.se
Lars Norrby, IR, +46 76-777 38 00, lars.norrby@klovern.se

Klövern is a real estate company committed to working closely with customers to
offer them efficient premises in Swedish growth regions. As of 30 June 2014, the
value of the properties totalled SEK 29 billion and the rental value on an
annual basis was SEK 2.9 billion. Klövern is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Mid
Cap. For further information, see www.klovern.se.

Klövern AB (publ), Box 1024, SE-611 29 Nyköping, Sweden. Phone:
+46 155-44 33 00, fax: +46 155-44 33 22,
e-mail: info@klovern.se.

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