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CTT awarded Cockpit Humidification for Irkut`s MC-21

NYKÖPING, Sweden, July 10th, 2014 CTT SYSTEMS (“CTT”), the market leader for non
-condensation systems in commercial aircraft structures and the world’s leading
provider of humidification products for cockpit, crew rest and passenger cabin
areas, today announces that JSC PDC Teploobmennik selected CTT for Cockpit
Humidification of the Irkut`s MC-21 Aircraft Family.
JSC PDC Teploobmennik, based in Nizhny Novgorod Russia, is tier-1 supplier for
the Integrated Air Management system on the MC-21 aircraft. The CTT Flight Deck
Humidifier will be base line equipment (i.e. standard equipment on all MC-21

The MC-21 is in development phase, with the first test flight scheduled for 2015
and entry into service in 2017, will be produced by Irkut and Yakovlev Design
Bureau of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) group. The MC-21 will encompass
three twin-engine short- and mid-range aircraft versions with 150 to 210
passengers. The aircraft program has total commitments of 276 aircraft including
175 firm orders.

“We are pleased with the decision to standard equip the MC-21 with our cockpit
humidifiers, comments Torbjörn Johansson CEO of CTT SYSTEMS.”

About Teploobmennik

JSC PDC “Teploobmennik” is one of the leading Russian companies for aerospace
industry specializes in design, development and manufacture of Aerospace
Environmental Control Systems (ECS) and equipment. Using its unique competence
and more than 70 years of experience, JSC PDC “Teploobmennik” was selected as a
tier-1 supplier for the Integrated Air Management System and Wing Anti-Ice
System on the MC-21 aircraft.

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About Irkut and MC-21

JSC “IRKUT Corporation” is one of the leading Russian aircraft manufacturer, and
is a subsidiary of UAC (“United Aircraft Corporation” JSC), a supplier in a
number of civil and military programs, as well as producing components for
Airbus aircraft.

The МС‑21; "Магистральный Самолёт 21 века" - "Magistralny Samolyot 21 veka" -
"Airliner of the 21st Century"); is developed in partnership with global
manufacturers of aircraft systems and components; targets a new generation
passenger aircraft in the 150-210 seat segment.

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About CTT SYSTEMS (Publ.)

Cair™ is focused on the passengers’ health and comfort by providing
humidification of the extremely dry aircraft cabins without causing
condensation. Cair™ gives a pleasant relative humidity of around 20%, compared
to 3-5% without, for the passengers, thereby reducing dry air related problems
(e.g. fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin, spread of virus diseases).

The Cair™ system is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method
that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria within the aircraft. The
dual-purpose system increases humidity for greater comfort and incorporates the
Zonal Drying™ System to counter condensation problems.

CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected as basic equipment for the new B787
“Dreamliner” and CTT’s humidifiers are options in crew rest compartments and on
the flight deck. The A380 offers CTT’s humidifiers as option in crew rest
compartments. CTT will also supply the Zonal Drying™ system and the Cair™ system
for the A350 aircraft, as options.

CTT is the de-facto standard for non-condensation systems preventing condensate
water to accumulate (read: excess weight) in commercial aircraft structures and
the dominating provider of humidification products for cockpit, crew rest and
cabin areas. CTTs products Zonal Drying™, Cair™, Flight Deck and Crew
Humidifiers are standard or optional equipment on the Boeing 787, Airbus A350
and the A380.

About CTT products

Zonal Drying™ - non-condensation – Basic equipment for B787 and BFE for B737

CAIR™ - Premium Cabin Humidification – SFE on A350 and retrofit products for
B777, A330 and A380

Crew Rests Humidification – Basic Equipment on the 787-CRC SFE and SFE on

Some dry facts on long-haul traveling

  · The only humidity contribution in an aircraft is from passengers and crew
  · The cabin with less seat density and with the highest cost per seat is
ironically the one with the lowest humidity!
  · The Relative Humidity (RH) is lower than 5% in First Class and 7-10% in
Business Class
  · Crew Rest Compartments typically encompass a RH well below 5 %
  · The extremely dry air in the cabin cause human discomfort, such as cold and
allergy symptoms, sleeping difficulties, dry skin and eyes and general fatigue.
  · Medical studies prove that even a slight RH-increase from extremely low
levels, is beneficial to health, as the increased humidity improve tear film
stability and nasal patency. It also reduces headaches and ocular, nasal and
dermal dryness symptoms.

CAIR™ - Cabin Humidification a landmark in premium traveling

  · Airlines no longer are limited by the extreme-dry-air-law-of-nature setting
the statutory condition for their in-sky offering
  · Passenger will benefit more from all cabin interior investments such as
seating – feeling more at ease and pleased
  · Passengers and Crew gain from improvements in wellbeing, rest and over-all
  · Flavors will be more accessible in the palate and healthier too, with no
need to over doze anything such as salt or sugar
  · Increased Humidity is an ‘enabling ingredient’ for more varieties, new
species, flavors and combinations in the sky

Zonal Drying™ - by eliminating fuselage condensation both operational and
maintenance costs will be lowered through:

  · lowered fuel consumption (i.e. lower aircraft weight - 200-300 kg on
A320/B737 due to elimination of accumulated water),
  · improved operational reliability (i.e. less corrective maintenance),
  · consistent insulation performance (i.e. water reduces insulation
  · reduced fuel burn also has a positive impact on the environment and finally
  · Condensation issues are increasingly important to airlines as fuel stands
for some 40 % of OPEX.

This information is disclosed by CTT Systems AB in accordance with the Swedish
Securities Markets Act, the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act, or the
requirements stated in the listing agreements. The information was submitted for
publication on 10th of July 2014 at 09:50 (CET).
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Torbjörn Johansson, President, CTT Systems AB.
Tel. +46-155-205901 alt. mobile. +46-70-665 24 46, or E-mail:

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CTTs products Zonal Drying ™, Cair ™, Flight Deck and Crew Humidifier are
standard or optional equipment on Boeing B787, Airbus A350 and A380. CTT has
today more than 500 systems installed in more than 30 airlines worldwide. CTT
has now 21 years of operating experience on the Zonal Drying ™ system plus 15
years on Cair ™ and Crew Humidifier systems. IATAs report on fuel-saving
measures is now including Zonal Drying ™ as one of the few available fuel-saving
systems for retrofitting.