Admission to trading of Serendex Pharmaceuticals A/S on First North NOK (164/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Stockholm AB

NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB has admitted Serendex Pharmaceuticals A/S shares to trading on First North NOK, with effect from July 11, 2014.


The shares will be traded on the First North NOK segment.



Short name: SENDEXo
Round lot: 1
Currency: NOK
Clearing: Central Counterparty (CCP) clearing through EuroCCP
Settlement: VPS, Norway
ISIN code: DK0060563427
Order book ID: 101906
Market Segment / no: First North NOK/195
Tick Size / no: Equities, NOK/208



For further information concerning this exchange notice please contact Anna Jansson or Patrik Hellgren at telephone + 46 8 405 60 00.