Derivatives: Removal of standardised derivatives on Eniro and Tieto (SEK) (56/14)

| Source: Derivatives
As of December 22, 2014 NASDAQ OMX will no longer offer standardised options, forwards and futures on Eniro AB (Eniro) and Tieto Oyj (Tieto) traded in SEK.
Existing series with expiry after December 19, 2014 will be delisted as of July 11, 2014.
In NASDAQ OMX’s derivative trading and clearing systems, the ticker symbol for Eniro is ENRO and the ticker symbol for Tieto (SEK) is TIEN.
Derivatives on Eniro and Tieto (SEK) will still be available as Flexible Derivatives, also known as Tailor Made Clearing.
For further information concerning this exchange notice please see the attached file or contact Elin Holmström, telephone +46 8 405 61 34.