| Source: Boliden AB
Q2 2014

  · Revenues totalled SEK 9,438 million (SEK 8,035 m)
  · The operating profit totalled SEK 478 million (SEK -59 m)
  · The operating profit, excluding the revaluation of process inventory,
totalled SEK 374 million (SEK 370 m)
  · Free cash flow totalled SEK 920 million (SEK -1,477 m)
  · Earnings per share totalled SEK 1.08 (SEK -0.37)

Stable production and strong cash flow

  · High and stable mined production levels. Production record at Aitik.
Production began at the new Garpenberg concentrator.
  · Improvements in metal prices and terms had a positive impact on the profit.
  · The free cash flow of SEK 920 million resulted from lower levels of tied-up
working capital and lower investments.
  · SEK -120 million (SEK -305 million) in costs in connection with planned
maintenance shutdowns in Business Area Smelters were charged to the profit.
  · An agreement to acquire a copper mine and exploration rights in Finland was
entered into in early July.

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