Amendments to lock-up agreements regarding shares in D. Carnegie & Co

| Source: D. Carnegie & Co
In connection with the listing of D. Carnegie & Co AB’s (publ) (“D. Carnegie &
Co” or the “Company”) shares on NASDAQ OMX First North, the former major
shareholders entered into so called lock-up agreements with the Company and ABG
Sundal Collier AB (“ABG”), in its capacity as Manager in connection with the
listing. Under the lock-up agreements, the former major shareholders have
undertaken, for a period of time, not to inter alia sell or pledge the shares in
D. Carnegie & Co. Since a few amendments have been made to the lock-up
agreements, the Company hereby announces the following information.
Ropudden Rådgivning AB (“Ropudden”) and Kvalitena AB (publ) (”Kvalitena”), two
of the major shareholders in D. Carnegie & Co, have asked ABG for permission to
make certain disposals of some of its shares in D. Carnegie & Co. The Company
and ABG have given permission to make such disposals, subject to certain

Ropudden have been permitted to sell all of its 99,343 A shares to Kvalitena,
and 300,000 of its B shares to Ekenbergs AB (“Ekenbergs”), conditional upon the
buyers undertaking corresponding lock-up restrictions.

Kvalitena have been permitted to, for the purpose of financing purchase of
additional A shares, pledge up to 15% of the market value of their total holding
of shares in D. Carnegie & Co (equivalent to a maximum of 50% of their total
amount of shares). Kvalitena has also, in respect of any additional A shares,
undertaken the same lock-up restriction which apply to Kvalitena’s other A
shares and for the remaining lock-up period.

Furthermore, Ekensbergs, the buyer of Ropudden’s 300,000 B shares in the
Company, has, by entering into a lock-up agreement with the Company and ABG
undertaken corresponding lock-up restrictions which earlier applied to the B
shares, for a period of 6 months from and including the first day of trading in
the Company’s shares.

For further information, please contact:

Ulf Nilsson, CEO, D. Carnegie & Co

+46 (0)8 121 317 00

About D. Carnegie & Co

D. Carnegie & Co is a real estate company focusing on residential properties
within the Stockholm region and other growth areas. The Company’s business
concept is to own and manage its real estate portfolio and to gradually
refurbish apartments in connection with the natural turnover of tenants. This
can take place quickly and cost-efficiently due to the Company’s established
refurbishment method, BosystemTM. The refurbishment model is popular with both
tenants and the Swedish Union of Tenants (Sw. Hyresgästsföreningen) as the
apartments are attractively refurbished without any tenants being forced to
vacate the premises against their will.

At the beginning of 2014, Stendörren transferred its residential properties to
D. Carnegie & Co and thereby became the owner of a real estate portfolio
consisting of residential properties in Stockholm’s growth areas. As of 31
December 2013, the market value amounted to SEK 2,929 million and the total
rental value was estimated to amount to SEK 287 million per year. The financial
leasing rate is high and none of the properties are vacant. D. Carnegie & Co’s
real estate portfolio is situated in the Stockholm region. D. Carnegie & Co is
listed on NASDAQ OMX First North since 9 April 2014. The Company’s Certified
Adviser is G&W Fondkommission.

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