Experts support the Services Agreement of AS Tallinna Vesi

| Source: Tallinna Vesi

On 30th of June 2014 Tallinn Administrative Court received two independent expert opinions in the tariff dispute between AS Tallinna Vesi and the Competition Authority. The experts were selected independently by the Competition Authority and AS Tallinna Vesi. Both experts were instructed by and delivered their independent opinions to the court.

Both expert opinions are of the view that the tariff regulation methodology chosen in the Services Agreement, is an internationally recognised tariff methodology and complied with the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act in force at the time of the privatisation. The expert opinions support AS Tallinna Vesi’s arguments in contesting the Competition Authority’s refusal to approve Company’s water tariffs, refute the Competition Authority’s view that the tariff mechanism as detailed in the Services Agreement is illegal and their previous demand on AS Tallinna Vesi to reduce tariffs.

AS Tallinna Vesi hopes that the expert opinions facilitate swifter resolution of the complaints submitted by the Company against the Competition Authority since 1st of June 2011 due to the Competition Authority’s refusal to apply the tariff regulation methodology of the Services Agreement.

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