IT - NASDAQ OMX Commodities changes to reports 65/14

| Source: Fixed Income

Dear Recipient,

The purpose of this IT-Notice is to advice members and ISVs that NASDAQ OMX Commodities will implement some changes to the EOD reports currently provided through SFTP and CW2 the affected reports are:

· EOD Closing Prices

· EOD Instrument Closing Freight

· EOD Instrument Closing All

Effective August 2014, the above reports will include Expiration Fix on the last day of the month.

This change has no direct API impact. Members who have added support for price handling functionalities in their interfaces might need to review their internal routines.

Genium INET External Test Systems
This configuration is available and can be tested in the External Test System 4
EXT4 is available for test every workday from 08.00 to 15.00 CET. Maintenance window is between 06.00-1200 CET each Wednesday.

For further information, please contact:

Per Fröling Head of Colocation and Access Services


Tel: +46 8 405 6434