Commonwealth of Virginia awards Remote Sensing Contract to Envirotest

| Source: Opus Group AB
Envirotest, subsidiary of Opus Inspection, Inc., has been awarded a contract to
provide enhanced “Remote Sensing (RS) Services,” to include “Clean Screen” (CS)
and “High Emitter” (HE) identification as an integral part of the Virginia
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Air Check Virginia emissions
inspection program.  The initial contract term is three (3) years from the start
of operation, with two (2) successive, two (2) year renewal options.
Using its patented technology, Envirotest will measure the exhaust emissions
from vehicles in northern Virginia as they drive past portable sensing devices
placed alongside of roadways. Envirotest will be able to sell passing
certificates to as many as 30% of the vehicles normally subjected to periodic
emissions inspections. Motorists will be notified by Envirotest if they are
eligible to purchase a CS certificate in lieu of visiting an Air Check Virginia
inspection station.

Over 750,000 vehicles are subject to emission inspection in northern Virginia
each year. It is anticipated that CS certificates will be priced at $28.00, of
which $4.50 is remitted to the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund.

Additionally, Envirotest will provide DEQ with a list of the highest polluting
vehicles measured by its RS systems, many of which DEQ will require to undergo
an off-cycle emissions inspection at a fixed station.

“We are very pleased that DEQ has decided to contract with us for their new
Remote Sensing program,” said Jim Sands, President of Envirotest. “Being able to
offer Clean Screen certificates to motorists with clean vehicles will
significantly improve customer convenience, resulting in a better public
acceptance of the emission testing program. Now, inspection stations can focus
more on polluting vehicles and vehicle maintenance to reduce their emission
levels. We believe that Virginia will be a model program for other states and
countries to follow.”

These RS Services are estimated to start during the first quarter of 2015.

Mölndal, August 1, 2014
Opus Group AB (publ)
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