A/S Trigon Agri completes early crop harvest with strong yields

| Source: Trigon Agri A/S
A/S Trigon Agri has completed the early crop harvest with strong yields both in
Ukraine and Russia.

The average yield of early crops this year is the highest we have achieved in
Ukraine in the history of our operations in the country. Winter wheat yield of
5.61 tonnes per hectare in Kharkov, our largest unit in Ukraine, exceeds the
national average by 50%.

In Rostov the winter wheat harvest has been completed at an average yield of
3.72 tonnes per hectare. This is the best we have ever achieved in our Russian
operations and even exceeds the 3.4 t/ha we targeted initially for 2014.

The forward sales of early crops concluded in April were done at considerably
higher prices than current market levels (premium of ca. 20-35 USD/T).

As of August 4, the Group has harvested 69% of the total 2014 crop area of 67
thousand hectares. Currently late crops (corn, sunflower, soya) are in good
condition and the expected harvest time is in September/October.

The harvest results of early crops are as follows:


* N/S – not seeded

** Rostov cluster was acquired in 2012


2014 has for obvious reasons been an incredibly challenging year for all agri
operators in Russia and especially in Ukraine given the combination of political
uncertainty, military activities and low soft commodity prices. Thanks to a
combination of 1) favourable weather 2) the geographical restructuring of its
holdings and 3) the good relationship management has with the leading trading
houses which allowed forward sales at attractive price levels to be effected and
4) its ongoing cost-cutting efforts, Trigon Agri can however report a very
promising outlook based on its early harvest results (mainly wheat and

For the first time in Trigon Agri’s history its Russian operations will show a
positive contribution towards its results. Its Ukrainian operations have
delivered the best early harvest yields in the history of the Group, and a
significant part of the early harvest has been sold at prices substantially
higher than the currently prevailing market prices. Although it is early to
predict the results of the late harvest (mainly corn/maize, soya and sunflower
seed) the crops look in good condition as of now.

Based on the results in to date management is confident of a very much better
financial performance on its operational activities for this fiscal year
compared to last year, although the late harvest results both in terms of yields
and prices achieved will of course determine the final outcome. Please keep in
mind that the profitability of farming is a function of many factors. Management
has to optimise input costs in relation to the targeted yields (this requires
experience in farming particular sites as each year gives a better
understanding) and it has to optimise revenue when taking selling decisions
which can be especially challenging in uncertain times like these. Strategically
it needs to ensure that its farming clusters are well positioned logistically
around central machine parks and storage facilities, allowing for machinery and
personnel to be effectively used, as well as being relatively close to the
export ports which is where prices tend to be set (farm-gate prices in the Black
Sea area tend to be FOB prices in the main ports minus the transportation costs
to the port which increase with distance).

Ukraine crisis and currency devaluation

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has not impacted our operations on the ground –
harvesting is being carried out as planned. The fighting in Eastern Ukraine has
not physically impacted our operations.

The Ukrainian Hryvna has devalued sharply since the beginning of the year. Our
crop revenues and majority of costs (fertilizers, fuel, machinery, etc.) are
linked to the US dollar, thus limiting the impact from the devaluation. Hryvna
-denominated costs (labour costs, land rent) will in due course converge towards
pre-crisis dollar equivalent levels. Wage pressure in Hryvnas is high and we are
monitoring the market and what our competitors are doing. While we will have to
increase wages, we expect that in dollar terms people will be able to achieve
lower salaries than before the devaluation.

Most of the positive impact from the devaluation on our income statement is
realized in 2014 and 2015 as Hryvna has dropped more than the local prices
increased – this impact will gradually decrease.

Update on the cost-cuts

As of the date of this report the cost-cutting programme is on track and total
targeted cuts in the core business are ahead of the previously communicated
figure of over EUR 6 million.

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