Update to exchange notice (114/14): New date for last day of trading in Cision AB (126/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Stockholm AB

Update refers to the last day of trading. New date for last day of trading is August 22, 2014.

Cision AB has requested a delisting of the company’s shares from NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB (the “Exchange”).

The Exchange has approved the application and decided to delist the shares of Cision AB.  

Short name: CSN
ISIN code: SE0000291486
Orderbook ID: 1056


The last day of trading will be on August 22, 2014. Please note that the last day of trading is no longer subject to the conditions mentioned in exchange notice (114/14).

For further information regarding this exchange notice please call Niklas Ramstedt or Anna Jansson, telephone + 46 8 405 60 00.