Derivatives: Standardised derivatives on Industrivärden, JM and Saab (59/14)

| Source: Derivatives

As of August 18, 2014 NASDAQ OMX will introduce standardised options, forwards and futures on Industrivärden AB (INDU C), JM AB (JM) and Saab AB (SAAB B).

Options, forwards and futures on INDU C, JM and SAAB B will have a term of 3 and 12 months. In NASDAQ OMX’s derivative trading and clearing systems, the ticker symbols will be INDUC, JM and SAAB.

As of August 11, 2014, the new series will be available in Genium INET, but not tradable until August 18, 2014. The series will be included in the Market Notice “New Strikes Stock Products” that will be sent out after business on August 8, 2014.

Susquehanna will be quoting prices for derivatives on Industrivärden, JM and SAAB.

For further information concerning this exchange notice please see the attached file or contact Håkan Walden, telephone +46 8 405 71 70