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Enirgi Group Announces Transfer of Chemical Analysis Laboratory

| Source: Enirgi Group Corporation

TORONTO, Aug. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enirgi Group Corporation, together with its wholly owned subsidiary ADY Resources Limited ("ADY"), today announced that it has agreed to transfer its Chemical Analysis Laboratory located in Palpalá, Jujuy, Argentina. The Laboratory will be independently owned and operated under the name NORLAB S.R.L. ("NORLAB").

"The transfer of the previously in-house chemical analysis laboratory will allow ADY Resources to focus exclusively on developing and operating our Lithium carbonate operation," said Andy Robb, Regional Director South America. "ADY will become a customer of the laboratory, ensuring through third party validation that our clients will continue to receive high quality product to their exacting grade requirements."

As part of ADY's commitment to empower the community, foster an entrepreneurial spirit and create a sustainable enterprise, they have been working with the local community for more than 10 years to create a laboratory that meets the gold standard in chemical analysis service and excellence. As part of that very commitment, the value of the laboratory will be transferred to NORLAB S.R.L, an Argentinian company located in the city of Palpalá, Jujuy. NORLAB will continue to offer its chemical analysis services to clients in various industries throughout Argentina, with a focus on building a client base in the North West region of the country. The laboratory is highly regarded for its exceptionally high standards and experienced workforce, which will be retained in the transfer of the laboratory.

"NORLAB will not only play a key role in meeting the chemical analysis demands of Enirgi Group's growing lithium operation in Argentina, but also provides a sustainable business development opportunity within the region," said Andy Robb. "We believe the new independent laboratory is a significant opportunity for both parties and we look forward to continuing our relationship with NORLAB."

In 2013, Enirgi Group began exporting Lithium carbonate to clients in Asia, Europe, and the USA. In order to satisfy increasing global lithium demand, plans are underway for the development of a commercial scale plant capable of bringing online 25,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate per year. Lithium is a vital component used in portable consumer goods, electric vehicles and a wide variety of other emerging technologies.

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NORLAB S.R.L. is an independent chemical analysis laboratory headquartered in Palpalá, Jujuy, Argentina. The laboratory is staffed by a professional team and fully equipped to offer comprehensive laboratory analysis, assaying and pilot scale testing of mineral and water resources located in the region such as lithium, borates, limestone, water and a full range of ores. For the past three years, the laboratory has consistently delivered the highest standard of laboratory services to ADY to support the production process and quality control of finished product to battery grade Lithium Carbonate, for export. Once established as an independent facility NORLAB intends to achieve accreditation to the ISO17025 Standard (Meeting the general requirements for a testing and calibration laboratory).

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