BIMobject reaches milestone with 50 000 registered users on the BIMobject® Portal

| Source: BIMobject AB
The  BIMobject® Product  Portal was  launched in  February 2012 and today we are
proud  to announce that it has reached  50 000 registered users. It means a very
high  value  for  all  our  manufacturers  who publish their products as digital
objects  on-line  and  makes  them  available  for building projects through the
BIMobject® Product Portal.

The 50 000 registered users from all over the world are professional architects,
designers,  constructors and  engineers using  the BIMobject®  Product Portal to
download  and  integrate  building  and  interior  products  into their building
information  models.  The  users  have  downloaded more than 900 000 BIM objects
since  the start in February 2012, meaning that the same amount of products have
been made visible and integrated in a building design somewhere in the world.

The  number is steadily increasing every day  with an average of 1 000 new users
every week.

The  BIMobject strategy is to  quickly become the European  Market leader in the
BIM  object business area. A base  of 50 000 registered users makes BIMobject® a
place  where  Manufacturers  can  be  more  visible  with  their  products,  get
integrated, be specified and win the business.

BIMobject  shares a  story on  each 10 000th professional  user to register. The
story  about the 50 000th user and the  experience of using the BIMobject Portal
will soon be released as news.

- It is amazing to see so many users on the BIMobject® Portal and to see demands
fulfilled.  After only  2,5 years we  have already  reached 50 000 users and the
BIMobject®  Portal  is  now  one  of  Europe's most frequently used services for
downloading  digital  products.  We  are  constantly  developing  the Portal and
increasing  the number  of published  manufacturers -  working hard to make sure
that  the BIMobject® Portal will be the obvious choice for architects and design
professionals.  With our large  and growing user  base the BIMobject® Portal now
represents  a very  efficient marketing  channel for  our customers, says Stefan
Larsson, founder and CEO at BIMobject.

About BIMobject®:

BIMobject®  is a game  changer for the  construction industry worldwide with its
cloud  based Portal offering development, maintenance and syndication of digital
replicas - BIM objects - of manufactured building and interior products.

The  marketing and pre-sales  services associated with  the Portal are channeled
and  integrated,  through  specialized  software,  into  CAD/BIM applications to
create a business-to-business communication across the globe.

Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into
BIM  processes  enabling  their  products  to  be  selected and  generate a real
improvement in sales.

BIMobject®  - Winner for  the Red Herring  Europe Top 100 Award 2013, Winner for
the  2013 Red Herring  100 Global Award  and Winner  of the IAIR EUROPEAN AWARDS

Sedermera Fondkommission is the company's Certified Adviser

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