Proffice signs framework agreement with Nets

| Source: Proffice AB
Nets Holding A/S and Proffice AB have signed a framework agreement for
recruitment services. The framework agreement applies to recruitment services
for all types of positions within Nets’ Nordic operation.
“We are very pleased to be collaborating with Nets and are looking forward to
familiarising ourselves with Nets’ Nordic operation as a whole in order to
provide them with the best possible solutions for their recruitment
requirements”, says Henrik Höjsgaard, CEO and Group President of Proffice.

The new framework agreement entails more in-depth cooperation between Nets and
Proffice. Proffice has previously recruited employees for Nets’ departments in
Sweden, including HR and Logistics.

The agreement covers all types of positions and is on a one-year basis with the
option of annual extension.

For further information contact:
Henrik Höjsgaard, CEO and Group President of Proffice Group, +46 8-787 17 00,
Magnus de Woul, Business Solutions Manager for Proffice Group, +46 72-324 50 22,

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