Interim report from profilGruppen AB (publ), January 1 – June 30 2014

| Source: ProfilGruppen AB
Completed rights issue in July and a small but positive result for the second

Second quarter

  · Turnover MSEK 219.7 (205.0), up 7 percent compared to previous year
  · Operating profit MSEK 2.6 (0.9)
  · Net income MSEK 0.7 (-0.4)
  · Cash flow from operating activities MSEK 13.2 (-7.8)
  · Earnings per share SEK 0.15 (-0.08)

First sixth months

  · Turnover MSEK 422.4 (384.8), up 10 percent compared to previous year
  · Operating profit MSEK 0.3 (-3.6)
  · Net income MSEK 1.2 (-4.9)
  · Cash flow from operating activities MSEK 17.0 (-13.6)
  · Earnings per share SEK 0.25 (-0.99)

Kåre Wetterberg, acting CEO of ProfilGruppen, comments:
"The reinforcement of the sales organisation is beginning to materialise into
increased volumes. This in combination with a weaker SEK influences the result
positively. The rights issue was oversubscribed which I consider as a sign of
the owners confidence in the company. We still have a number of old agreements,
which over time, has become disadvantageous for us and therefore influence the
result negatively."

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Peter Schön, CFO
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ProfilGruppen is a supplier of customised aluminium extrusions and components.
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