MT. KISCO, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ImmuDyne, Inc. (OTCQB:IMMD) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with the Sedona Institute For Age Management, LLC an affiliate of the Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic, LLC,, to complete a clinical study on a new application of the company's patented beta glucan technology.

The study will focus on a medical syndrome, which according to a mounting tide of scientific research is having a debilitating effect on the health and vitality of a large segment of our aging population. It is expected that the study will prove that the Company's beta glucan technology can impact this syndrome by modulating the human body's innate immune system. As many as 80 million people in the U.S. and one billion worldwide are affected.

Under the terms of the agreement, ImmuDyne will pay for the beta glucan products to be administered in this study and the blood tests necessary to measure changes in certain biomarkers. The Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic will perform all testing drawing on their 2,000 patient base for participants in the study.

The Sedona Institute for Age Management will supervise the study, develop the application and assist the Company in marketing and establishing new distribution channels for both the application under study as well as existing applications. The Sedona Institute will be compensated with shares of the Company's restricted stock for developing the application and performing the clinical study. They will also earn commissions on sales originated by the Institute.

Eric Haggard, a principal in both the Sedona Clinic and Sedona Institute stated, "This could be a game changer for ImmuDyne. We expect this important study to prove that ImmuDyne's patented beta glucan products will provide significant relief to these people and open the Company to a major new revenue stream."

Joeseph V. DiTrolio, M.D., ImmuDyne's U.S. Chief Medical Officer pointed out, "Sedona Institute is an exceptional opportunity for ImmuDyne to gain market share and patient data documentation for maximum benefit to our clients."

Mark McLaughlin, ImmuDyne's CEO, added, "This is a shareholder friendly, performance based opportunity which gives ImmuDyne the platform to generate this new data, and revenues. Moreover, we are actively pursuing other potential opportunities through which to market our products and increase sales."

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