Revised financial calendar 2013/14 for RTX A/S

| Source: RTX A/S

RTX A/S changes the release dates for the announcements of the interim report for third quarter of 2013/14 and the annual report for 2013/14.

The interim report for Q3 will now be released on Wednesday 27 August 2014 and the annual report will be released on 25 November 2014 after approval by the Board. 

In the company announcement no. 28/2014 of 19 May the release date of the interim report for Q3 was planned for 29 August and the annual report was planned for 28 November, and this no longer applies.

The revised financial calendar for 2013/14 is now:

Annual report for 2012/13                                                 6 December 2013
Annual General Meeting                                                   31 January 2014
Interim report for first quarter of 2013/14                          31 January 2014
Interim report for second quarter of 2013/14                    19 May 2014
Interim report for third quarter of 2013/14                    27 August 2014
Annual report for 2013/14                                               25 November 2014


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