Golf Commentator and Founder of Ultimate Golf Advantage, Alex Davidson, Releases New Quick-Fix Guide to Avoid Game-Crippling Mistakes

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MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, Aug. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Founder of Ultimate Golf Advantage (UGA), Alex Davidson, today releases a new guide offering instant fixes for the four most common and potentially game-crippling mistakes that golfers make. Mr. Davidson discusses the pitfalls that golfers experience and offers expert tips and insight to players struggling with their mental game - the full guide is available for download here

In a brand new guide released today, Alex Davidson, golf commentator and author of Think to Win: Mastering the Mental Side of Golf, offers quick and actionable advice to golfers who are struggling to overcome a mental block in their game. In his new guide, Mr Davidson acknowledges the difficulty that most golfers come up against at some point in their playing career. He commented:

"With technical mistakes, it's often easy to recognize where you're going wrong but the same can't always be said with your mental game." Mr. Davidson continued, "It's often the case that the more you try to analyse it, the worse your problems can get. My new guide gives real-world tips for tackling this and other difficulties."

Mr Davidson draws on his years of experience as a golf player, commentator and author to help golfers who are experiencing trouble with their mental game and provides quick tips and fixes that can be instantly applied on the golf course.

As the founder of Ultimate Golf Advantage, Alex Davidson knows first-hand the pitfalls that golfers experience and has spent his career offering worthwhile advice to his growing audience of passionate golfers. He commented:

"I make it my priority to draw on my own experience to help other golfers. With UGA, I wanted to create a community of information-sharing and we are committed to offering valuable advice and real-world experience for the benefit of our readers."

In his new guide, Mr. Davidson responds to the concerns of his audience by examining the most common problems they experience with the mental game and provides a fix for each one that can be implemented instantly. He commented:

"If you think you could be doing better on the course but something's just not clicking, this new guide will help."

Alex Davidson's guide "Avoid Golf's Mental Hazards: 4 Game-Crippling Mistakes and their Instant Fixes" is available to download now at

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