Fingerprint Cards (FPC) interim report for the second quarter of 2014.

| Source: Fingerprint Cards AB
FPC has achieved its forecast and strengthened its leading position in touch
sensors for smartphones, on which the leading OEMs are now evaluating design-ins
of FPC's sensors in future premium models.

CEO's comments

During the second quarter, we experienced further successes with our area and
touch sensors. We have confirmed our strong position in the banking sector in
China, where we are unchallenged as the market leader and this resulted in
additional orders of slightly more than SEK 30 M. Furthermore, our volume
deliveries of the 1020 touch sensor have commenced and during the quarter, we
received a first order for production volumes for a Tier 1 manufacturer's
flagship mobile, which was launched in the summer. Interest in our various touch
sensors included in our product portfolio continued to increase and is now very
significant. A clear result of our successes is the close relationships we have
with leading smartphone manufacturers and the clearest is the Design Win and
order we already announced for FPC1020. As we previously communicated, we expect
to see high volume deliveries of our touch sensors already during the third, but
mainly during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Following the successes with the FPC1020, we also announced two touch sensors,
the FPC1021 and the FPC1150. These new pioneering products will set the standard
for integration of touch sensors in considerably smaller mobile units than was
previously possible. Our focus remains on the best possible performance combined
with low power consumption, which is very important in the mobile industry. I am
convinced that our strong and expanding product portfolio will continue to
generate very favorable opportunities to maintain and strengthen our position as
leader in our industry.

A key event for FPC was the acquisition of Anacatum Design AB during the
quarter. This will provide FPC with access to leading technology which will
further strengthen our already strong holding of intellectual property rights.
Further, FPC will gain access to leading analog IP and ASIC development
competence, and by integrating Anacatum's development team into FPC, we will
further accelerate the development rate of the industry's most ambitious
portfolio of touch and swipe fingerprint sensors. We are happy to welcome
Anacatum's employees to the FPC team.

In early June, Apple disclosed that in its most recent operative system iOS8,
the company will open up the so-called APIs to App developers. This means that a
very large group of developers will come into direct contact with the benefits
of fingerprint technology and will be able to build applications that will
utilize the functionality provided by fingerprint technology. For FPC, this is
important and means an additional step toward the mass market for fingerprint
applications, which we know will be much more than just a change of password and
PIN code. There are actually no limits beyond your fantasy for the new apps and
solutions that can and will be developed for biometric technology in the
forthcoming years.

FPC is growing strongly and with the acquisition of Anacatum, we have now
additionally increased our Research and Development operation and significantly
strengthened our ability and capacity to develop fingerprint sensors, which is
critical to meet the strong demand for new products that we now anticipate.

It is with great confidence that I look forward to the second half of 2014.
Interest from our customers remains very strong. We can confirm that it is
happening now and we look forward to seeing all our efforts be converted into
commercial successes.

 Key figures                             Apr-Jun 2014 Apr-Jun 2013
 Net sales, SEK M                                44.0         20.6

 Adjusted Gross profit, SEK M*                   20.8         12.2

 Gross profit, SEK M                             13.2          8.6

 Adjusted Gross margin, % *                       47%          59%

 Gross margin %                                   30%          42%

 Operating profit/loss, SEK M                   -44.9         -5.3

 EBITDA, SEK M                                  -24.1         -2,3

 EBITDA, %                                       -54%         -11%

 Profit after financial items, SEK M            -44.9         -4.9

 Earnings per share, Kr                         -0.79        -0.10

 * See page 8 for explanation

                                         Jun 30, 2014 Jun 30, 2013
 Cash and cash equivalents, SEK M               237.6        148.2

 Order backlog, SEK M                              63           28

Future prospects

FPC continues to stand by its assessment that sales in 2014 will exceed SEK 500
M and that the EBITDA margin will surpass 20% for the full-year. Sales are
expected to increase sharply sequentially during the year. The majority of the
income is expected to occur during the fourth quarter of 2014, when volume
deliveries of the significantly more income-generating sensors FPC 1020 and
1021 are expected to increase concurrently and deliveries of the 1150 sensor,
which will likely be the major volume product going forward, are expected to be
initiated. This forecast means a renewal of the previous forecasts.

Sales for the third quarter of 2014 are anticipated to amount to SEK 50-80 M.
During the third quarter, volume deliveries of the first secured project with
1021 commenced according to plan. The clear breakthrough for fingerprint
sensors, particularly touch sensors, which we are now witnessing in the market
has resulted in the decision and implementation of accelerated recruitment of
additional resources within product development, sales and customer support. As
a result of the company's objectives to become the global leading supplier in
the market for fingerprint sensors in smartphones and tablet devices, we are now
increasing personnel expenses, which means that break-even and profit results
are not expected to be achieved until the fourth quarter of 2014.

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