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Morgan Drexen to Compete in Pure Game Soccer Ball Challenge

Entire Company to Compete in Designing Soccer Balls to Support 'At-Risk' Children

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COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In support of "At-Risk" children, the employees and management of Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems ( have announced a company competition to create nearly 3 dozen decorated soccer balls in an event to support "Pure Game," the non-profit organization which helps children by providing mentors who develop positive character traits.

The "Integrity Ball" competition requires teams of employees to choose a character-building trait and design a soccer ball in the theme of that trait. The character trait will be chosen at random, but will include such character-building traits as "honesty," "integrity," "self-respect," "faith," "optimism," "tolerance," as well as many others. Once a team has chosen the character trait, they will have one week to artistically create that message on a soccer ball.

"This is a wonderful challenge for Morgan Drexen to compete in because the goals of our company align perfectly with the skills that young children will need to be successful as they grow up," said Walter Ledda, Morgan Drexen's CEO. "We value integrity, honesty, and commitment which is demonstrated in everything we do, from our Better Business Bureau 'A-' rating to the support we give attorneys who can change the lives of their clients."

The nearly 3 dozen soccer balls created by Morgan Drexen will be given out throughout the next 12 months to Pure Game's children who are spotted exhibiting one of those traits.

"It's important that children are rewarded for demonstrating a strong positive character trait, because those positive character traits are the ones that will make the child successful in his or her adult life," said Morgan Drexen's Chief Operating Officer, Rita Augusta.

As part of Morgan Drexen's commitment to the community ( the company will pay all of the costs of purchasing the soccer balls, art supplies for decorating, and even arranging for the soccer balls to be handed over to Pure Game once the winners of the company competition have been announced on September 12th.

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