Trading in Columbus A/S shares by insiders

| Source: Columbus A/S


Release no. 24/2014

Statement of transactions by members of senior management and their related parties in shares issued by Columbus A/S and related securities, cf. section 28a of the Danish Securities Trading Act.

The statement is based on reports received by Columbus A/S from members of its senior management today 22 August 2014:

Name: J.K.C. Trading & Invest ApS
Senior management employee’s position: Deputy Chairman of the Board
Relationship with senior management employee (related party): J.K.C. Trading & Invest ApS is 100% owned by Jørgen Cadovius, Deputy Chairman of the Board
ISIN code: DK0010268366
Type of security: Shares
Nature of transaction: Purchase
Trading date: 21 August 2014
Market in which transaction was executed: NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
Number of securities traded: 31,002
Market value (DKK) of securities traded: 152,474.04



Contact for further details

CFO, Hans Henrik Thrane, T: (+45) 70 20 50 00.



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