HOUSTON, Aug. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spine Pain Management, Inc. (OTCQB:SPIN), a technology-driven, financial services, medical device, and healthcare solution company servicing the multi-billion dollar spine injury sector, today announced the addition of Michael K. Smith as its VP of Sales and Marketing. Smith, who recently joined the company as VP of Sales and Marketing of its Quad Video HALO™ (QVH) subsidiary, will maintain that position, but has now additionally been elevated to the similar position at SPIN, the parent company. Additionally, David Spencer, an outside technology consultant who has been working with the company's QVH subsidiary for several months, has now been appointed as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the parent company. Both gentlemen were introduced to shareholders on the company's recent Q2 2014 Investor Conference Call. Positive reception by investors along with further evaluation of their very significant current and future contributions to the company has made it prudent to bring them both into the parent company in elevated positions.

Michael K. Smith, age 44, is a highly seasoned Sales & Marketing professional with an extensive background in Video Integration systems for hospitals, operating rooms, and doctor offices since 2006. He has worked with Stryker, Globus Medical, Medimotum, Skytron, and FSN Medical Technologies to implement custom OR medical displays, spinal implants, and equipment sales. Mike was very involved with introducing video routing in the operating room starting in 2006.

Mr. Smith stated, "While being involved with the QVH for only a short time, I've realized the exceptional synergism between the QVH and SPIN's core business model of funding procedures. Not only does the QVH bring transparency to spine related personal injury cases, but it also provides a potentially high return business from immediate outside sales of the QVH." Smith added, "Upon sharing some additional ideas on how best to grow the core business, I was pleased to be asked to also join the parent company."

Spine Pain Management is also excited about the addition of David Spencer and believes his new role as CIO will help shape the company's research and development agenda and corporate strategy, while assisting in identifying emerging business opportunities within the medical and litigation markets.  

David Spencer has held leadership positions in both the private and public sectors, focusing on innovation, technology and business strategy. He is currently the President of Spencer Media Inc. where his emphasis is leveraging technology that helps provide impact decisions in all aspects of litigation. Previously, he served as an IT Director in the aviation industry, focusing on innovation and customer-centered services while increasing corporate efficiency through technology modernization and business process improvements. His background also covers automation systems in the oil and gas industry, including network communications, support systems, database architectures and user interface platform rollouts.

David Spencer said, "I am pleased to have been asked to join the company as CIO. The technological upgrades we are continuing to make on the QVH require advanced IT practices to increase information accessibility and integrate systems management. I believe my knowledge and background in these areas will help SPIN fully capitalize on the core business growth potential."

William F. Donovan, M.D., CEO of Spine Pain Management: "As mentioned on our recent investor conference call, we believe the company has passed an 'inflection point' in both its business models. With the addition of these two extremely qualified individuals to the management team, the future looks incredibly bright."

About Spine Pain Management, Inc:

We are a technology driven, financial services, medical device and healthcare solution company facilitating diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries resulting from traumatic accidents. We deliver turnkey solutions to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare providers that provide necessary and appropriate treatment of musculo-skeletal spine injuries resulting from automobile and work-related accidents. Our financial services help reduce the burden on healthcare providers that provide patients with early-stage diagnostic testing and non-invasive surgical care, preventing many patients from being unnecessarily delayed or inhibited from obtaining needed treatment. We believe that our services and technology brings strong transparency and impartiality to all parties involved in the settlement of patient cases.

Our proprietary medical device called the Quad Video HALO™ facilitates the above mentioned transparency and will shortly be available for third party sales.

Additional information about the company, along with a video can be found at its website at www.spinepaininc.com.

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