London, Ontario Pet Clinic Announces Dog Obedience Training

| Source: Firth Veterinary Hospital

LONDON, Ontario, Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Firth Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce the offering of dog training and behavioral consultations for its patients. Dr. Firth believes that both obedience training and behavioral consultations are important additions to the facility's offerings, thanks to their physical and mental health benefits.

"Pets who aren't properly obedient are likely to injure themselves through direct actions, like running out into the road. Pets can also become injured through indirect actions, like swallowing wood splinters after chewing on furniture," said Dr. Firth. He added, "Our goal is to prevent these things from happening in the first place."

The London, Ontario facility offers a wide range of animal care options to its patients. Dr. Firth feels that the addition of obedience training is one that will help prevent pets from being involved in accidents that cause serious and long-term damage to their health. "Our goal is healthy pets. It's that simple," said Dr. Firth. "By preventing accidents commonly associated with a lack of obedience or other behavioral issues, we can help pets stay safe and healthy. It's a win for everyone – especially the pets."

The veterinarian warns that there are other, potentially devastating issues that occur when pets haven't been properly trained for obedience. Pets may run away, resulting in serious injury or even death. They may also cause problems with their barking and aggression. Behavioral consultations are also important, as they help to address specific issues regarding inappropriate behavior. Dr. Firth says these consultations help dogs behave in a more socially acceptable manner.

Dr. Firth emphasizes that this important behavioral training should begin as soon as pet owners bring puppies home. The clinic spends considerable time dealing with common behavioral and obedience issues such as socialization, house training, and animal care issues for each new puppy owner as well.

In addition to the beginning instruction for puppies, the clinic also offers more advanced training and obedience classes to help pet owners leash train their puppies. This class teaches the basic commands as well. More advanced classes are available for dogs, teaching new verbal commands and hand signals.

"We believe," said Dr. Firth, "that obedience training is not just a matter of safety for pets. We believe it's an opportunity for pets and owners to bond with one another and play together. It also provides an opportunity for pet owners to learn to communicate more effectively with their pets."

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