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Sealegs Signs Distribution and Manufacturing Deal With Brazil

SEALEGS(R) is a Revolutionary Patented Concept in the Power Boat Market

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Aug. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sealegs International (, the world's leading manufacturer of patented amphibious craft, announces an agreement has been concluded within Brazil for both the sale and marketing of New Zealand-built Sealegs craft, the development of a joint venture for the building of amphibious craft using Sealegs technology and supply in Brazil and across South American markets.


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Sealegs CEO David Glen states that: "We see this first time entry into the tariff protected South American continent as a very significant milestone for Sealegs. The opportunity to license a Brazilian manufacturer to sell Sealegs craft, and to move to build and supply Sealegs craft using amphibious technology kits supplied out of New Zealand is significant."

Eric Series, Sealegs Chairman, reports that: "This Brazilian venture is consistent with the strategic objective to build a substantially wider base for the use of Sealegs amphibious technology, in both recreational and commercial sectors, through collaboration with strong, well placed partners in many markets around the world. In Brazil, we are fortunate now to have been able to conclude arrangements with a very capable, well placed group based in Sao Paulo, which includes Brazil's foremost adventurer/explorer, Amyr Klink. It is early days, but with the recent arrival of three Sealegs crafts in Sao Paulo, already generating considerable interest, we have high expectations for growth in both the Brazil and wider South American markets in recreational, commercial and government sectors in the short to medium term."

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